What Causes Caries and Holes in the Teeth?

Causes Caries, Forårsaker Karies

What causes caries and holes in the teeth?

Holes in the teeth occur when foods containing carbohydrates stick between the teeth and not completely removed by brushing or dental floss. The bacteria from plaque generate acidic byproducts that eat down the tooth’s enamel and slowly create holes in the teeth, so-called karies. Without treatment, these holes can grow over time and can even destroy the entire teeth.
Common causes of holes in the teeth are sugary, sticky food and drink. The more sugar you eat, the more acid is produced – which leads to holes. Sugar in combination with plaque weakens the enamel and makes the teeth more susceptible to caries. Every time you eat something sugary, your teeth are exposed to acid attack for 20 minutes thereafter. It’s important to understand what causes holes in your teeth so that you can learn how to handle your teeth properly and take care of your health.

Signs and symptoms of caries and holes in the teeth

The most common and effective treatment of caries and holes is a filling that prevents the hole from growing larger. So if you have any signs of caries or holes in your teeth it is extremely important to visit the dentist immediately for treatment. Using products containing fluorine can help prevent caries and holes in the teeth. Fluor flows into sensitive areas to build these before turning into holes.

How do you treat and prevent caries and holes in your teeth?

The most immediate treatment method is to visit the dentist to fill the hole. To avoid caries and holes in your teeth, you can take some actions that strengthen your teeth:
Avoid food and drink with a lot of sugar because sugar sprays the bacteria in your mouth.
Brush regularly with fluoroand cream. Fluorescence helps prevent caries by slowing down the decomposition of the enamel and accelerating the reconstruction of minerals. The new enamel that is formed is harder and more resistant to acid.
Use dental floss daily to remove plaques and food residue from the spaces between the teeth where a toothbrush is not accessible. It helps to provide both healthy teeth and healthy gums.

How to protect your children from holes in the teeth and caries

The work of preventing holes in the teeth and caries in the children’s teeth begins by learning good toothbrush habits and helping them take care of their teeth from an early age.
Consult your dentist about when to start using fluoroand cream on your children.

Visit the dentist every six months for a check.

Make sure your baby brushes for at least two minutes, twice a day. Make sure they are extra careful with the back teeth, as this is where the most plaque accumulates.
As soon as your teeth start to rub together, you should help them to use dental floss every day.

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