Five mistakes when brushing your teeth

You definetely do several of these errors when brushing your teeth.

1. You are using the wrong size

It is important to use the correct toothbrush when brushing your teeth. And then we’re not talking about how soft or tough toothbrush you should choose. It is equally true that you really come next to the brush. Therefore, if you have a small mouth, it is not that smart to use a toothbrush with a large brush head.

2. Choose a soft brush

You may think your teeth will be cleaner if you use a hard brush. In reality, you only hurt the enamel. And your teeth will be as clean with a soft toothbrush.

3. You brush too hard

Here is the same thing as the hard toothbrush. You only hurt your toothmail. Brush with soft circular movements and rinse – DO NOT scrub!

4. You do not change toothbrush enough often

You should not keep your toothbrush longer than three months. Then it has become tired and the brush is not good enough to clean your teeth.

5. Back and forth

The best way to brush your teeth is with soft circular movements. In this way you clean the dental surface AND avoid brushing your gums and bare teeth. There is an enamel on the teeth under the gum, so if it is exposed, it may be really bad – especially if you drink something very cold or hot.

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